The 1969 Blue Mustang That Made My Wish List
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The 1969 Blue Mustang That Made My Wish List

A while back we shared with you The Park Lane On Main  that we found on our trip to Keller, Texas, which was in our opinion an awesome find. Well.. just next door, literally a few yards and a fence away was a blue 1969 Ford Mustang sitting pretty and standing out the way classic Mustangs typically do.

I have to admit, coming across barn finds, roadside relics and supermarket treasures can be a little addictive. I am beginning to sense something a little more than just being at the right place at the right time but I find myself starting to seek out and hunt for some of these unique cars hidden in plain sight.

Unfortunately, I could not get too close to the Mustang  because as I mentioned it was behind a rusted fence and I would have clearly been trespassing if I took a chance and hopped the fence. Besides that, my age, belly and gravity would not allow for that sort of journalistic activity.

1966 Ford Mustang

Lately, I’ve had a growing interest in some of these older Mustangs and they have been catching my eye a bit more. I have always liked them but there are a few that I have seen online and at local shows this year that garnered a higher level of my appreciation.




This Mustang was spotted behind a transmission shop, I don’t know if it was for sale or not but it did not appear to be neglected or abandoned. The pictures from my iPhone could not pick up all of the details whether good or bad but it did have a pretty thick layer of dust on it which makes me think that it might have been sitting there for a while.

1966 Ford Mustang

I love the color and the stance of this car, especially sitting on those Cragar wheels and raised white letter Road Hugger Radials. At Daily Rubber we have a bit of a fetish for Cragars and fat rubber.

Perhaps I’ll take another ride over there when the shop is open to see if it is for sale. I think this classic just made it to my wish list.

Do you have an interesting car or truck that you love? If so, tell us about it in the comment section below. We would love to see a picture if you have one to share (just email it to us) with a brief description and who knows it might end up as a featured article on Daily Rubber or our social media.

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