4 Car Infotainment Systems Changing the Way We Drive
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4 Car Infotainment Systems Changing the Way We Drive

It’s probably a good bet that if our children of today went for a ride in a car in the mid-80s they would be in for a big surprise. There were no built-in DVD players, there were no touchscreen navigation systems, and there was no smartphone integration.

All of these technologies are relatively recent developments and their integration into your automobiles is changing the way we live our lives.

The major car manufacturers have increasingly recognized the importance of these systems in today’s cars and the development and expansion of such systems have become a top priority. In this article, we take a close look at the best systems on offer today.

Ford Sync
Ford Sync
Ford introduced its first version of its popular infotainment system Ford Sync way back in 2007 making it one of the pioneers of this technology.

It gave the drivers of some Ford models their first glimpse at technologies that would integrate their mobile devices with their car’s built-in entertainment system. These early systems made it easier to play entertainment media and allowed owners to connect with their mobile phones. The latest version easily integrates with both Android and iOS operating systems, allows for voice activation commands, and has built-in GPS technology.

Toyota Entune
Toyota Entune
Toyota’s Entune is one of the most comprehensive infotainment systems available in any car today. It’s a fully integrated multimedia system that allows the driver to do just about anything they can with a smart phone. They can access the latest weather reports, they can access sports scores, and they can get updates on the latest news.

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They even have an app that can be downloaded on your smartphone that gives your passengers access to an on-screen browser and various other apps. On top of all that the system can be controlled using your voice which makes it much safer than other systems for the vehicle operator.

Cadillac Cue
Cadillac Cue
As you might expect Cadillacs entry in the infotainment sector is a finely tuned top-of-the-line system that gives its users a lot of choice. The system, referred to as Cue, does just about anything that a smart phone can do and it can all be activated using Natural Voice Recognition technology.

There’s no need to take your hands off the steering well as you can control everything with your voice. With this system, the user has access to GPS navigation, the weather, climate controls, various music entertainment options, and SMS texting. It’s a slick entertainment system that’s highly rated in the industry.

FCA Uconnect
FCA Uconnect
Not to be outdone Fiat-Chrysler has their own pretty impressive entry in the infotainment sector. The system of these combined companies is called the Uconnect and it offers many of the same features that we’ve already discussed in the systems above, but it’s also compatible with systems such as Siri, Apple’s popular voice command system.

Its built-in on-screen display also allows your passengers access to sports programs and movies. It’s a system designed to be a great companion for a long road trip.

Exciting Times

These are just a few of the entertainment systems integrated into the modern vehicles of today that are changing the way we interact with our automobiles.

There seems to be two main focuses of infotainment centres these days and that’s providing safe hands-free voice controlled systems that allow the driver to keep their attention on the road and plenty of entertainment options for the passengers. With the growth of technology such as augmented reality it will be interesting to see what comes next.

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