4 Car Technologies We Could Live Without

4 Car Technologies We Could Live Without

There was a point in my life where I vowed to never purchase an automatic car, ever! I loved my basic stick shift, I loved controlling every aspect of my car without the help of funny looking gadgets, screens, dings here and dongs there.

But then like many of you I do tend to be a little intrigued by technology, what if the car could drive for us? What does that screen do and how can I control everything with just a touch of that little button?

Sometimes we need a comfortable balance between really cool technologically advanced features and not feeling as if you are an invalid when you enter your own car.

Here are some technological car advancements we could pretty much live without:

1. The cheeky start and stop button

For one, some of us just prefer to use keys to turn the engine on an off. However if you aren’t that much of a stickler for that then the fact that the car can make its own decision on when to turn it self off, will definitely be a reason to look for the “how to disable..’ page in your manual.

2. Complicated screens that do everything

In theory it sounds great, control your volume, answer your phone, control your seats, watch Netflix. While you are trying to figure it all out on the highway, who is watching the road?

Gadgets can get distracting if you aren’t careful and if they are too complicated, then they can also get pretty annoying. Ill take the navigation, everything else is for the birds!

3. Rain sensing wipers

The weather man who has been doing the weather for over 50 yrs is only right half the time so you can imagine the accuracy of the windshield wiper rain detector.

If you are not quite into your wipers sensing rain when it is clearly not going to rain then this is one technology that would have to make the list. There is nothing more disrupting than your wipers turning themselves on at random.

4. Electronic parking brakes

We can appreciate the technology behind the brakes because for one if your car starts to roll for any reason and you are not in the car these brakes can literally save a life or save you some money at the very least.

But who doesn’t miss the manual feel of a parking break lever. It slows the car down when faced with speed traps without brake lights, you can control the car on treacherous terrain, you just have more control.

Yes we know we are coming off as major control freaks but we cant help it. Some of us guys prefer to control the machine rather than having it control us. What other car technologies old or new could you live without?


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