Book Review: Fast N’ Loud Blood, Sweat And Beers

Book Review: Fast N’ Loud Blood, Sweat And Beers

I don’t watch a lot of television but there are a handful of shows out there that I do enjoy. Fast N’ Loud happens to be one of them. Like many, I was first introduced to Richard Rawlings towards the end of the American Chopper reign on TV. If I remember correctly, as the Teutul’s were pretty much at the end of their run on Discovery, they were handing off the baton to Gas Monkey Garage.

Honestly, my first impression was “what is this?” I love cars but there was a slight adjustment on my part that needed to be made for me to understand the concept and the direction of the show. Eventually, it grew on me and I tuned in every time it was on.

Gas Monkey Garage

Over the years I have gained a ton of respect for Richard Rawlings and his entrepreneurial style, coupled with the fact that he is a true authentic car guy I could relate to him and to the show.

With that said when he wrote a book about his story, I had to pick it up because I wanted to hear directly from him, how he did it, the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

In the book Richard talks about not settling and not wanting to scrape by in life, he wanted to accomplish more, he wanted to flourish.

Gas Monkey Car

Richard gives a brief but informative history of how he and his sister were raised by their dad whom he has a great deal of love and a ton of respect for. It comes through whenever he talks about how hard his dad worked and provided for them.

The book also gives an account of the early years of his life and coming up through high school. He also talks about the businesses he had prior to Gas Monkey Garage. He shared the success stories and the struggles too; not only in the car industry with Gas Monkey but in other industries which I found rather interesting.

The book is an easy read and while I am no professional reviewer it felt authentic and real to me. I think that it can be enjoyed by anyone, whether a fan of the show or not.


Additionally, I believe that it can be beneficial to any entrepreneur; even if your business does not relate to cars or the automotive industry.

There are some gems in there that can be used as encouragement. For instance, there is no magical formula to success just plain old hard work, a good mentor (if available to you), dedication, a vision and perhaps a little bit of luck.

You can accomplish your dreams too if you are willing to take the chance and stick to it. I conclude with the famous words of Richard Rawlings GYSOT. Whooooo!!!


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