Classic Muscle Cars Vs Modern Muscle Cars
Classic Muscle Cars Vs Modern Muscle Cars

Classic Muscle Cars Vs Modern Muscle Cars

Were the muscle cars from the time of bell bottom hip huggers the fastest or safest machines to have hit the roads? Or, are today’s high-tech automobiles better than them in all counts?

While both may be speedy, the driving experience is a bit different. I would love to say that the cars from the 60’s and 70’s are better but honestly, I cannot comfortably say that.

I am reminded whenever I need to run an errand or just pick up something random at  7/11 or Walgreens for the wife. I have a choice should I take the 1970 Olds or the soccer mobile?

Now that might not be a fair comparison and the truth is the Olds still needs some work, I have to take the cover off the Oldsmobile, pop the hood and connect the battery before I go anywhere and by that time I could have easily just taken my wife’s car and been back in time for the game.

However, with that said, we all want to know, once and for all. Which is better, the showdown of high torque vs high tech? I will go against the grain and make my argument for the classics. Your thoughts may be different and I would love to hear them but in the meantime here are 5 reasons why old muscle cars are better than modern cars.

Vocal Champs

We could go on about the different engines used in classic muscle cars, or which is more environmental friendly; but you just aren’t going to get the same type of “roar” out of today’s muscle car that you do out of a classic muscle car.

To me, the exhausts on older cars have a deeper rumble and just sound a bit more throaty. Today’s muscle cars sound great but they just do not compare to their older brothers.

Originality and Styling

The manufacturers back in the day came up with some really cool and original designs. At the same time the modern day muscle cars have some unique styling differences and in some cases,they pay homage to the older cars.

I might be just a little biased but to me, they were more creative and aesthetically pleasing designs exhibited by the classic muscle cars of the past.



Muscle cars were heavy, something you could sense and feel just by popping the hood or shutting the door. Today’s lightweights could not survive a tangle with a classic muscle car. They would be crushed and the classic may or may not swagger away with just a dent.


There was a huge gap in the difference of price from back in the day until now. Back then, you could get a brand new muscle car for approximately $2000 to $5000.

Today, that would barely be a down payment, most muscle car prices range from about $30k to $70k. I suppose the older cars are catching up to the newer ones in this regard because I can hardly find a restored Chevy Nova or Chevelle for under $30k.


I know this one is controversial but decades ago, you had to be a skilled driver to handle your classic muscle car. There were no anti-lock brakes, GPS, motion-camera or parking assist features.

Your skill alone determined your superior ability to handle a car that wasn’t exactly designed for easy maneuverability. Today’s cars will brake for you, they will tell you when something is coming, and even drive themselves.

I know the modern day muscle car fans might condemn everything we just mentioned as blasphemy and the old school muscle car enthusiasts will look at it as a fitting reverence but that’s just the beauty of having the conversation. At the end of the day, we all have some appreciation for the old and new generations.

Perhaps next time we’ll gather a few muscle cars from the 60’s and 70’s and a few latest offerings and we will take them to the track and settle it once and for all.

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