Hey Joe, Your Car Is Ugly!
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Hey Joe, Your Car Is Ugly!

Hey Joe, Your Car Is Ugly!

At a quick glance, it would be easy to dismiss these highly flawed, tired old cars. The paint is faded and cracked, some might have wheels and fenders that do not match but at Daily Rubber these old rides are right at home.

It is so easy to find beauty in a newer car, or an old car that has been fully restored. But can you find it in a car that is simply a (as is) survivor? I am not necessarily talking about a roller, or just a straight pile of junk but something that is running and still has character.

cool clunkers

Please don’t misunderstand, we love new cars and restored vehicles too but at the same time we have a high appreciation for older cars that have stood the test of time without that rotisserie restore.

How cool would it be if you left your trailer queen at home and to showed up at the next car show with your rusted Plymouth Duster, or that old Buick? The car is mechanically sound, the engine is strong and she runs hard but she looks a little more like a Nellie than a Nicole.

In my opinion, if you slap on some fresh raised white letter rubber and Cragars you pretty much have a solid starting point. And I would go a step further to say just leave it the way it is. Now you might have to replace that rag hanging out of the gas tank with an actual fuel cap but other than that I would say she looks good.

cool clunkers

For some car guys this might sound a little too extreme but I think most get it. All things considered, the cars pictured here, if running, I would pretty much drive them in their current state.

That means no restore, no custom interior or candy paint and no 24 inch rims; just a good solid V8 engine and fat rubber tires. Oh and don’t worry I am ready for the moment someone yells across the car show parking lot…. Hey Joe, Your Car is Ugly!

Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme


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