Reduce The Weight And Go Faster
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Reduce The Weight And Go Faster

Modifying a car to go faster can wreck your wallet. These intricate pieces of machinery are anything but cheap. But what if I told you that major increases in acceleration, braking, and cornering performance of any vehicle could be had without spending a dime. Yes it certainly is possible.

There’s quite a bit of unnecessary junk bolted onto most daily drivers. Door handles, aesthetic plastics, windshield wipers, antennas and more can all be removed without having any effect whatsoever on it’s ability to drive down the racetrack.

It truly is that simple. Any reduction in weight directly translates into a measurable increase in vehicle performance.

The items you remove are up to you. Most things are there to serve a purpose. But if you don’t use or care to have them there’s absolutely no reason you can’t them out. Of course you didn’t get it from us, but here is a list of common non-essentials that you can take out of your ride without making any sort of financial investment whatsoever.

Interior Parts

Nobody pays any attention to this stuff anyway. Door panels, headliners, back seats, plastic trim pieces, carpet, soundproofing and much more can go. Obviously driving the car will become a bit less comfortable, but no matter. All you need is a pair of earplugs and a generalized disregard for good taste.

Spare Tire and Tool Kit

Who cares if you have a breakdown at the racetrack. Quite frankly it’s almost expected. These things are crucial to have when out and about. But when your pit crew is seconds away at all times they do nothing but weigh you down. Toss them out of your trunk and check your lap times if you don’t believe me.

Camaro roll cage

Stereo/Entertainment System

You probably won’t even be able to hear the radio over that gnarly aftermarket exhaust. But as a racer, the sound of the engine ought to be music to your ears anyway.

Today’s modern stereo equipment can weigh more than you might think. Leave it on the sidelines if you’re truly devoted to being the fastest.

Engine Accessories

These things are kind of a double whammy. Some of them are essential to basic engine operation. The alternator and water pump must not be removed, lest you suffer engine failure.

But there are a couple things to do to reduce parasitic weight AND drag. If you’re tough enough, the air conditioning and power steering can go. The drawbacks are obvious but ditching them is not going to stop your car from burning up the racetrack, and you just might pick up a couple tenths along the way as well.

Okay, so you’re not actually getting anything for free. You do have to make some sacrifices. But if you’re dressed up in a racing suit it really doesn’t matter anyway.

When your goal is to go as fast as possible the last thing on your mind is comfort and convenience. All it takes is the turn of a wrench to yank the non-essentials out of your ride. It’s up to you how hardcore you want to go. But stripping weight out of a vehicle is probably cheapest way there is to make such a considerable dent in your lap times.


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