Top 4 Virtual Reality Driving Games
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Top 4 Virtual Reality Driving Games

If you can afford it, Virtual Reality is among the most exciting new ways to play games, giving a new level of immersion–unlike the gimmicky 3D games. But not all VR games are created equal. So here are the Top 4 Virtual Reality Games that you can play if you have an Oculus Rift lying around.

1. DiRT Rally
Top VR Driving Games
If you like rallying and love a challenge, DiRT Rally is the perfect game. Unlike the last couple of DiRT titles, it’s not an arcadey handholding title with a low learning curve. Instead, it’s unforgiving, grueling, realistic and the car handling is incredible.

Top VR Driving Games

It makes for a tough but satisfying experience; especially if you manage the top 3 in the hardest difficulty at night with poor weather. DiRT Rally’s VR mode runs reasonably well. The only issue is that the driver is poorly animated and the colors are a little washed out.

2. Euro Truck Simulator 2
Top VR Driving Game
This is one of the most relaxing games you can play. With VR, it’s even more so. Euro Truck Simulator 2 epitomizes the feel of driving across a whole continent with the only pressure being to deliver the cargo on time. In VR mode, you can lean outside the window and look behind; you can also look around your cab.

3. Assetto Corsa
Top VR Driving Games
This is one of the best racing games, with all the real-world tracks laser-scanned and all the cars handling realistically. You have a great connection with the car you drive, which makes driving more thrilling than most other games. And it allows for modding, which gives Assetto Corsa a much longer lifespan with gamers. The game offers native support of Oculus Rift and you can look around when racing. However, the game doesn’t have VR menus, which lessens a little of the immersion.

4. iRacing
Top VR Driving Games
This is probably the most realistic racing game out there and it’s mainly for enthusiasts. It has everything from NASCAR to Grand Prix racing, and there’s an incredible number of cars to race in. The main issue, though, is the cost: you need a monthly subscription and you start with average cars. However, that’s the premium for this level of realism. The VR version isn’t bad, with added realism through camera-based positional head tracking and more.

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