Warriors And Their Whips
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Warriors And Their Whips

Warriors And Their Whips

Contests and tournaments have been a part of our lives ever since the beginning of time. Throughout history, we’ve always played sports to measure our skills and abilities.

Some of us are in it for the glory. Some of us are in it for the money. Some of us just wanna have fun. Whatever your personal motives might be, people are competitive by nature.

When cars became a part of daily life, racing did as well. It’s long been said that motorsports were first conceived the moment they finished building that second mechanized chariot.

Our ambitious spirits, applied to the automobile, have brought about some of the most ingenious automated contraptions ever devised by man.

Ever since the earliest days of powered transportation we’ve taken it upon ourselves to modify our vehicles. Occasionally you’ll find a one of a kind creation unabashedly lurking the streets amongst everybody else’s boring old rides.

Some of these cars were meant to be driven every day. Others are too big, too mean, too powerful to be allowed on the road. These are the ones we simply trailer right to the drag strip.

Pontiac Gasser
Pontiac Gasser @Stallion Designs

Of course, there’s a lot of different types of performance to pursue. There are cars out there that have been designed to do nothing but break windows with their stereo systems! But true car people universally lust for speed and power. Lots of folks are involved in the world of hot rodding.

Some of them are hardcore racers that you’ll see at every serious motorsports event. Many are enthusiasts who just get a kick out of souping up their daily drivers.

Cadillac CT6
Cadillac CT6 @Christopher Hands

Whether you race or just like to go fast, for people like us driving is literally the best thing there ever was. It doesn’t matter if you started out on wooden wheels and two-cylinder engines or turbochargers and nitrous. Speed is in our blood.

The first Hot Rods were extremely simple machines. They weren’t very fast by today’s standards. In fact, many of them would be completely embarrassed at the drag strip by your typical contemporary commuter. Back then, nearly anything made to replace a stock component with a superior design could be considered state of the art.

Hot Rod
Photo by Daily Rubber

Massive improvements in performance were made with the simplest of upgrades. It wasn’t until later that people began to understand that exponentially greater benefits could be harvested by optimizing a vehicle’s design from its initial conception.

Enter the muscle car era. This is when cars started to be designed from the ground up for speed and performance. They rolled right off the assembly line, offering the consumer access to the latest and greatest ideas in automotive engineering.

blue chevelle
Photo by Daily Rubber

Gone were the days of dangerously archaic drum brakes and quaintly primitive two and three-speed transmissions. Now, with things like aerodynamic efficiency and structural rigidity already honed to perfection from the factory we could focus on our engines.

Fast forward to today and we’re designing new cars to look like old cars just because the old cars were so insanely awesome. The Chevy Camaro, the Ford Mustang, the Dodge Charger and the Challenger too are all new examples of old designs.

In fact, there are people rebuilding old school rat rods and speedsters with the latest technology just to see what happens. We always did love our muscle cars. And we still do.

Ford Mustang
Photo via Google Images

But as a general rule, vehicles are very refined these days. Regardless of how much you pay, you’re going to get some of the latest technology there is.

This includes these modern muscle cars that feature some of the most sophisticated drive-trains, chassis’s, and suspensions on the market. It’s a simple matter of time before we figure out how to make them even faster. If only all those old gearheads could see us now… They just would not believe it.

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