Watch These Pagani Zonda’s In One Epic Video
Watch These Pagani Zonda’s In One Epic Video

Watch These Pagani Zonda’s In One Epic Video

We made it our business to collect every Pagani Zonda diecast car made by AUTOart to add to what we consider an epic collection. Why?

Because for one the detail, handmade with almost 700 parts the 1/18 scale version is down right amazing; and two we just love that machine, the way it looks, the way it sounds and everything that it can do.

A diecast replica is probably the closest we will ever get to Zonda withing these 50 States because it is not allowed to be sold here much less driven. The car does not comply with many of our safety or emissions laws so sadly you will need your passport to see one in person.


As a matter of fact regardless of where you live in the world it will be very difficult to see one just hanging out anywhere.

Not all of Pagani’s cars are off limits though we were lucky enough to see a Pagani Huayra at an auto show, of course it was roped off only on display for pictures and conversation.

If you are as enamored by the Pagani Zonda as we are then you will appreciate this video. It showcases several Zonda’s flying by at a recent Pagani Vanishing Point event.

These machines are pure awesomeness and the sounds they emit are pretty soothing to the ears of any car guy. The next time you are in Europe it is a must see if you can manage to maneuver the experience, but for now if you are just on a couch check out this video:

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