Why Would The CEO Of Honda Not Own A Car?
Why Would The CEO Of Honda Not Own A Car?

Why Would The CEO Of Honda Not Own A Car?

Typically I would blow right by blog posts about Honda, not because there is anything wrong with the brand, but as an avid reader of many things on a daily basis they have not been up there with a ton of interesting things to talk about, except for …well now!

Did you know that the CEO of Honda does not own a car? How in the world does the CEO of a major automaker just take the bus?

Ok, we are sure he isn’t taking the bus but his lack of an automobile lead us to read a little bit more about him. After just a little investigation we found out that the new CEO Takahiro Hachigo is actually a car guy. (Phew! that was close) and he has chosen to remain without a car until the Civic Type R arrives.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have a car now. But I want to buy the Civic Type R,” Hachigo said, reports Automotive News. “I will wait,” he also said.

Well that’s pretty noble if you ask me, because if he can wait that means all Honda lovers should have something to look forward to. It is a pretty genius marketing tactic if you so choose to call it that.

Hachigo has been been with Honda for over 30 years and has been CEO since late June. “I joined Honda because I loved cars and driving,” said Hachigo.

His car history is similar to the average teenager who received the family car as his first car at 16. His love for cars started with his family Celica. He drove his family’s Celica until he joined Honda and then his first car after joining Honda was a three door wonder Civic.

Then he had a Honda Accord and moved on to the ultimate soccer man ride, the Odyssey minivan. He is pretty excited about the Civic Type R which is inline with his goal of making Honda as the maker of innovative and fun cars. We cannot wait to see what the Civic Type R has in store!

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