4 Top Tips to Car Engine Maintenance

4 Top Tips to Car Engine Maintenance

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How well is your car’s or truck’s engine running? If you take care of it properly it can last quite a while and that involves using the right maintenance. The engine is easily one of the most important components of your vehicle so you should consider these helpful motor care tips:

1. Check the oil level

It’s natural for the oil level of your vehicle’s engine to drop due to some of the oil getting burned inside the engine. It can be very dangerous to drive with super-low oil levels because it can cause major damage to your vehicle. That’s certainly a situation you’ll want to avoid as the cost of replacing the entire engine is quite high. Besides the cost itself, there are other issues including the time and effort required.

The solution is easy. Between oil changes just check the level from time to time. If it’s OK then you won’t have to do anything and if it’s below the line then you’ll have to add some oil. Make sure that you check about which kind of oil you should be adding so you use the optimum oil for your vehicle. It’s always better to spend more money for oil that will make your engine work at an optimum level instead of one that will have a negative effect on the engine’s functionality.

How often should you check your oil level? Experts recommend that you check it whenever you fill up your gas tank. Again, it doesn’t take much time so it’s certainly worth the effort required.

2. Change your oil regularly

How often should you change your vehicle’s oil? There’s a lot of debate among experts but it’s best to review you user’s manual. That will give you the ideal figure based on the model/year of your vehicle. A car engine has several rotating parts and it’s important for them to be lubricated well.

The engine oil does that work so it’s important not only to do routine oil changes but also to use a high-quality oil. The cost will be higher but keep in mind that you’re making an investment in your vehicle. If you can help your engine run better then it’s certainly money well spent.


3. Pick the right oil

Which oil should you use for your vehicle? Is mineral oil or synthetic oil better? Several of today’s new cars must be filled with synthetic oil since it protects the engine better. The main benefit of this type of oil is that it’s able to survive higher temps and can also work for a longer time without losing qualifying properties. Synthetic oil offers better lubrication of the engine when there’s a cold start and it doesn’t become thicker at sub-zero temperatures.

Synthetic oil is a good choice if your engine is a turbo or low-mileage one. Another time it’s a good option is if drive frequently in extreme conditions like high loads, long drives, or long periods without oil changes.

Still, it isn’t always worth spending the extra money for high-mileage engines. The reason is that the synthetic oil functions as a thinner. If you fill your high-mileage engine with synthetic oil there’s a greater chance that the engine will run noisier or develop leaks.

4. Prevent the engine from over-heating

The heat produced in your vehicle’s engine is sky-high. So it’s important for the vehicle’s cooling system to effectively keep the engine temperature in check. This helps to move liquid coolant from the auto’s engine to the radiator at the front of the vehicle.

That’s where the coolant gets cooled down via the air that flows into the radiator fins. Here’s the issue. If there’s a cooling system problem then it can result in the engine overheating. That, in turn, can produce major damage to your engine.

What problems should you watch out for? One frequent problem is leaks that result in a low level of coolant. This is actually a problem that cars and trucks often have. : This is the reason it’s so important to make sure you check the coolant level on a regular basis. You can find directions in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Make sure to consider these tips to maintain your automobile’s engine as effectively as possible.

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