5 Most Unique Concept Cars Ever Made
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5 Most Unique Concept Cars Ever Made

5 Most Unique Concept Cars Ever Made

With all the car makers out there, it takes a lot to make a car stand out. And more car makers have settled for making cars only slightly unique. But when it comes to concept cars, they are brave. Very brave. Here are 5 of the most unique concept cars you’ll ever see.

General Motors Firebird 1 XP-21

Firebird 1 XP-21

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Today’s supercars and hypercars borrow a lot of their designs from jet fighters—look at the Koenigsegg, for instance. In 1953, though, General Motors built the closest thing ever to a landlocked jet fighter. The Firebird 1 XP-21 had a bubble cockpit, a turbine engine and a tail fin. The engine churned out an outstanding 370 horsepower (this was a lot at the time).



The BMW Gina Light Visionary Model didn’t have a shape that was all that unique. What made it stand out, though, was what its outer body was made of: polyurethane-coated spandex. This material wasn’t just for show; it could shift in real time depending on the GINA’s aerodynamic needs. It’s not much of a stretch to call it a shape-shifting car.

1959 Cadillac Cyclone

Cadillac Cyclone

This is the godfather of cruise control. It had two massive cones where its headlights should be, which were actually radars for the Cyclone’s crash-avoidance system (today’s adaptive cruise control). When they sensed an incoming object, the radars set off a high-pitched beep along with warning lights, and they could even force the car to a stop. And this was in 1959!

Stout Scarab

Stout Scarab

This 1936 concept was all about luxury. After all, the airplane division of Stout, Stout Air Lines, was responsible for the in-flight meals and flight attendants we’re all used to. The Scarab followed the same spirit: it was a stretched aluminum car that was basically a road-going diner. And it wasn’t cheap; it cost $5,000, which today is about $90,000.

1947 Norman Timbs Special

Norman Timbs Special

This is one of the most streamlined concept cars ever made—and the ultimate hot rod concept. It was designed by Timbs, a racing engineer, and it shows. Inspired by 1930s racers, the car had curves that led to a raindrop tail and a front-mounted cockpit. It was powered by a 1948 Buick straight 8 engine which propelled the car to a speed of 120 mph.

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