Daily Rubber Shop Tour, The Hot Rod Syndicate
Photo Credit To Roger Jetter
Daily Rubber Shop Tour, The Hot Rod Syndicate

Daily Rubber Shop Tour, The Hot Rod Syndicate

There’s a lot of guys out there that want to know where to get some work on their hot rod done, or a new project started, so Daily Rubber is gonna do a couple of shop tours. The first is The Hot Rod Syndicate of Buford, Georgia.

They can do all aspects -chassis, suspension, rust/structural repairs, modern drivetrain swaps, electrical, fuel systems, paint, body and restoration on a build. Brad Shadburn owns the shop and has a qualified crew to take care of business.

The Syndicate currently has several customer’s cars in the works as well as Brad’s personal Cadillacs…a ’53 and a ’58. The ’58 was a body off job and is nearing completion and the ’53 has recently had its floor painted a nice maroon color.

They are also working on a ‘69 Camaro Z/28 – a Pro Touring style car with a 5.7LS engine and a 6 speed, Detroit speed tubs and rear, CPP braking and front suspension. Included will be Classic Auto Air A/C and rolling stock is 18” and 20” Boyd’s wheels.

The Hot Rod Syndicate

On a full, higher-end build, or restoration, the Syndicate generally spends about a year, if the customer can handle that length of time. Factors change on the build depending on desire, parts and the customer’s financial situation. However, The Syndicate works with several local interior shops to help out on that part of the build by offering the design element of the upholstery. That’s the only part of any build that is farmed out.

Hot Rod Syndicate


We asked Brad about his shop: “We’ve recently delivered a Nova and another Camaro. We don’t specialize in any particular brands but Chevy’s are a big part of our overall builds. The Hot Rod Syndicate has been in business now for over 10 years. We’ve been in our new location for 2 years.”

The Hot Rod Syndicate

Brad continued. “I’ve been in this for over 25 years. First as a hobby, then working for other shops. My son, Justin works with me full-time. He’s very detailed and talented at such a young age. Brent has 20 plus years in the business, Mike has 40 plus years, and Dale has 30 plus years. Everyone has their own unique talents and are detailed oriented. The Syndicate has a passion for old cars – it’s more than a job for us, it’s our lifestyle.”

Most of their business is repeat customers, car shows and word of mouth. If you’ve got a project you need to get started – or finished, stop by The Hot Rod Syndicate, located at 4852 City Hall in Buford, Georgia, 30011. Give them a call at 770-601-8896, or email Brad direct: [email protected]

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