How to Get Your Car Ready For a Long Road Trip
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How to Get Your Car Ready For a Long Road Trip

How to Get Your Car Ready For a Long Road Trip

So you want to get away from it all and take a long road trip? Road trips are a fun way to explore, with a journey tailored to what you want to see!

Forget about joining any group tours or getting lost in the big crowds at tourist attractions and take the road less traveled.

With road trips, the proof is in the planning. Read on to find out how you can get your car ready for a long road trip.

Map your route carefully
Sit down and properly map out your route. Having a full understanding of where you want to go will help you when you come to pack for your journey and budget accordingly.

It’s also a good idea to leave yourself some wiggle room when planning your route for spontaneous day trips along the way!

Stick to your budget
Once you have your route down, think about how much the trip will cost. Deciding how much petrol will you need, whether you will be staying in hotels or camping under the stars and working out a food budget will give you a rough estimate for your trip.

Take entertainment into account too; make sure you have some spare cash to enjoy yourself while you’re out on the road.

Give your car a good spring clean
Now your plans are set in stone, take some time to clean out your car. Giving your car a thorough clean will help your trip go smoothly.

Vacuum the inside of your car, give the exteriors a good wash and waxing down and make space in your trunk for your bags and any other things you might need. You can also go further and get your car serviced to make sure everything is running in tip-top condition.

Get to know your car inside and out
Gain a better understanding of your car before you head out on your road trip. Getting to grips with the basics of car maintenance before you go means that you will be more prepared if anything goes wrong.

Sit down with your car’s user manual to find out how to properly care for your vehicle, and take a copy with you on the road. Take some time to check your tires and learn how to change them, and check your car battery for any wear and tear.

Pack efficiently
Finally, make sure you pack correctly. Keep what could go wrong in mind and pack the breakdown essentials, like a torch, spare tires, maps, and a radio. Make sure to use up all available space in your trunk and pack your bags as efficiently as you can.

If you can, pack light. Packing light and keeping only what you need close will save you money on petrol and means you will avoid carrying any big bags around with you.

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