Introducing Chrysler’s First Hemi In A Dress

Introducing Chrysler’s First Hemi In A Dress
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If you had no idea about Chrysler’s extensive history you probably think that back in the day they had a very odd sense of humor or that perhaps something was in the water up in Detroit around 1969 and 1970. The iconic automotive giant made a bold statement when they built the 1969 Plymouth Barracuda with the floral top.

It was described as eye-catching and bizarre which was reminiscent of a time when car makers were creatively competing for market share.

The Mod Tops were a floral pattern which resembled somewhat of a dress or tablecloth, however, it was actually modeled after a shower curtain.

Floral Top Mopar

The manufacturer of the unique design was the Stauffer Plastics Division who were at the time making curtains and tablecloths for their customers.

The floral options were created to attract women and young buyers and represented many of the cultural developments and style cues of the time. They hoped that the floral mod would give them the edge in sales because now women had a reason to visit the showroom.

The increase in sales did not happen as anticipated, perhaps women did not like it as much as they had hoped and the men during that time probably couldn’t look past the floral pattern.

1970 Hemi Cuda

Some models did have pretty decent specs; ranging from a Slant-6 (base engine), to several assorted size V8s. You even had the option of two-barrel or four-barrel carburetors; plus if you had a few extra greenbacks you had a variety of horsepower to choose from too.

With all that said, it just didn’t work but at the very least it was a great marketing campaign and a little gutsy for a company known for masculine glory.

Despite the trouble in sales, Mopar can always boast that they made the car with the floral top which these days car collectors would break the bank for.

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I have not seen one of these rare gems in person, whether original or clone but based on the pictures I think they are pretty cool. I can clearly relate to the guy wanting to have one of these in his car collection, especially since they are so uncommon.

The “Mod Top” Barracuda models were manufactured in fairly low production numbers; approximately 1000 to possibly 3000 models were made and sold with the Mod Top package, according to collectors there might be fewer than 100 remaining.

These groovy vinyl tops with the matching interior trim were offered in only a few color combinations. Your choices were yellow, green and black floral design patterns most of which came in yellow and then only five were painted green.

Plymouth Barracuda Mod Top

Just like the flower-power movement of the 1960’s these psychedelic Mod Top Mopars will always be a part of our automobile heritage.

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