Kevin Hart: Actor, Comedian and Car Guy
Photo Credit To Kevin Hart, Dub Magazine

Kevin Hart: Actor, Comedian and Car Guy

When we think about car guys these days we cannot ignore comedian and mogul Kevin Hart. Kevin has been making waves in the auto industry with his growing collection of rides varying from restored classic cars to exotics.

He recently did an interview with Dub Magazine where he talked about his career and broke down some of the details behind some of his most impressive rides.

His favorite car is this 1967 Mustang called Eleanor

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It’s his longest and most comprehensive restoration to date and he’s still doing small tweaks to it. “That one’s done up from top to bottom and has all the bells and whistles,” he notes. “But come to think of it, I did one bad thing; I can’t drive stick so I made it automatic…don’t laugh at me.”

The 1966 GTO – “Tre Deuce”

Kevin Hart

For his 32nd birthday, Kevin gifted himself a 1966 Pontiac GTO that he upgraded over the years with Forgiato wheels, fuel injection, navigation, power windows and a custom sound system. He calls his GTO “Tre Deuce”.

His Ferrari 458 – “White Lightning”

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His Ferrari is the car he considers his dream car ever since he was a kid: “I’d always tell myself that at some time in my career, I’d get a Ferrari. As a kid you would always see cars and say ‘I can’t wait to get that,’ and for me that was the Ferrari. It just sticks with me because it was my childhood love.”

Kevin’s G65 

Kevin also owns a G63 which he drives daily as well as a special G65 “It’s fast and as you can see I love fast cars,” he explains.

“That V12 is something that’s limited and there weren’t too many of them in the States when I purchased it and that’s why I got it. It’s more of a collector’s item. It has a ridiculous system in it!”

The Jeep Wrangler – “Jeep Nasty”

Kevin Hart Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep was a gift he received after his successful ‘What Now’ tour: “I call her ‘Jeep Nasty’ and as you can see, she’s heavily modified.

It’s a Rubicon and was a gift from my guys after our ‘What Now?’ tour that broke so many records, they surprised me at the Lincoln Financial stadium.”

Kevin admits to trying to keep very low mileage on his old school cars and uses the others for his daily obligations. When he was asked about his hobby he said “It’s good to be blessed enough to be in a position to have these cars on rotation and to have some fun and to have a hobby you can actually afford. The hobby of fixing up cars is something I have grown to love.”

We can’t wait to see what else he decided to add to his collection.

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