How to Prepare for a Long Motorcycle Trip
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How to Prepare for a Long Motorcycle Trip

How to Prepare for a Long Motorcycle Trip

Thinking of setting out on a long distance motorcycle trip? If so, you are at the right place. There’s probably no better feeling than grabbing your motorcycle and set out for a long distance, cross country ride.

The new sights and feeling of adventure can be truly exhilarating and for most, something to die for. However setting out for a long distance ride cannot be compared with an everyday commute on your motorbike and as such, you have to be prepared.

This said the following is an overview of some valuable tips on how to prepare for a long distance motorcycle ride.

Windshields are great

Feeling the wind blow as you ride is perhaps one of the most wonderful parts of riding. However, after 2 or 3 hours of this at 70 or even 80 miles per hour, the exhilarating feeling quickly fades away.

In a normal scenario, windshields are usually not considered as being of much importance but if you are planning to go for a long road trip, they are a necessity.

Windshields not only help in diverting head wind but are also quite handy in reducing the gushing sound of wind: which can be quite unsettling.

As a norm, most motorcycles are usually fitted with a windshield but if you do not have one, it would be in your best interest to have an aftermarket windshield installed on your motorbike prior to the road trip.

Gear up

Think that everyday riding gear is good for a road trip? You are wrong. As a norm, everyday riding gear tends to be skeletal at its best: a helmet here, maybe a leather jacket or even a pair of gloves for the extreme.

It is important to understand that a road trip involves hours of riding on busy highways and as such, you should have proper gear not only for your comfort but also for protecting yourself.

Embrace technology

Being able to ride hours on end, alone without your thoughts can be a very nice experience. However to be able to get the most out of your road trip you have to embrace technology.

For instance, a Bluetooth headset on a motorcycle helmet is considered as being the best form of technology that can be adopted during a road trip.

The Bluetooth can easily link up to your phone giving you the chance to not only listen to music but also receive calls, communicate with other riders and even follow GPS directions.

Prepare for the weather

If you are setting out on a long distance motorcycle trip, you are most likely going to cross a few state lines and consequently, you will be subject to changing weather patterns. Be sure that you are prepared for any eventuality when it comes to weather: well ventilated waterproof gear is usually highly recommended for this.

Riding stance

For long road trips, your riding stance will contribute a lot to the success of the trip. Ensure that your riding stance offers you the best comfort.

Purchasing an aftermarket seat to get the best riding stance can be a viable option if the available seat is not up to your standard.

By considering the above tips, you are assured of having the best long distance road trip on your motorcycle.

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