The Psychedelic Relic – Model A Street Rod
Photo Credit To R.A. Jetter

The Psychedelic Relic – Model A Street Rod

What’s an old drag car to do after it’s retired? Go street rodding of course, and be pampered by a female! This coupe was purchased from a friend by Greg McKim in 2002. It was powered by a Chevy 350 ci Ramjet fuel injected engine but had severe electrical problems, among other things, but it was on the way to becoming a nice rod.

In the years that Greg owned the car, the original Mustang II front end that could not be aligned was replaced with a Heidt’s front suspension with Wilwood disc brakes. It had saddle gas tanks that created a vapor lock so the rumble seat was removed and a single tank was placed there.

Along the way, a new automatic 200 R4 O.D. transmission was installed behind the Ramjet engine and the car was completely rewired. The 3:55 Corvette independent rear required wider fiberglass fenders and they eventually replaced the beat-up stockers.

Model A Street Rod

In early fall of 2010, Greg’s girlfriend, Judy (JJ) Adams, and he decided that after being together for 10 years, it was time to get married. No date was set but they started looking for a new home that could hold the 6 cars they owned. Unfortunately, in October of 2010, Greg was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and he passed away in December 2011.


JJ decided to keep the coupe to honor Greg. JJ loves that silly coupe and all the great times she and Greg had together. Not having garage space for 3 cars, she sold her ’85 Corvette to make room for the new adventure in her life – Cooper the coupe! She thought she’d miss the Vette but once she became full-time driver of the Model A coupe, it was a whole different world – she had to learn to wave, honk and of course, talk cars. Being around mostly men was not a problem for her as she was raised with 3 brothers.

Model A Street Rod Coupe

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In May 2011, a friend saw an article and a photograph on the HAMB. A fella from Ohio by the name of Matt was trying to locate an old coupe his father used to own and wanted to buy it back. The article contained some info about the coupe that only a former owner would know, Suffice to say Matt was looking for Greg’s Model A. Current pictures were exchanged and information confirmed the coupe was the old “Psychedelic Relic” drag racer. Greg refused to sell.

Model A Street Rod Coupe

Having owned this coupe for the last 6 years, JJ said she’s met and hangs with the most wonderful people. That car is a big, big part of her heart. It’s treasured daily, washed, waxed and kissed constantly (if it could talk it would probably tell you that it’s being smothered on a daily basis).

Model A Street Rod Coupe

Of course, each and every street rod requires maintenance and JJ’s had the rear axle rebuilt, the lower valance panels where the old gas tanks were have been repainted and good pal Pat Friend has fixed the radiator and worked on the serpentine belt, water pump and pulleys.

Model A Street Rod Coupe

In 2014, the old coupe got a completely new female-friendly interior (by Ed Banes Upholstery, Littleton, ColoRODo) and the old gray racing interior was finally retired.

Street Rod interior

JJ takes the couple to a lot of car shows during the summer. She’s won the following awards.

June 1, 2013 – Green Valley Ranch Car Fest- Won “Women’s Division, Best Overall” There were about 12 cars there owned by women, the coupe was the oldest.

June 25, 2016 – 3rd Annual Veterans Car Show. Won “3rd Place -Veterans Choice.” What an honor that was, especially when just the veterans voted.

Several of JJ’s friends go on Sunday cruises all year long weather permitting and she happily joins in. That has really helped keep the coupe running well. The cruises go to Bennett, Watkins, Elizabeth, Castle Rock, Brighton, etc., around the Denver, ColoRODo area. The trips are usually about 2-3 hours and it‘s a great time with the cars.

JJ has no plans to sell the coupe and looks forward to each summer to get the car out again.

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  1. John curtis

    I had the honor of helping with the wiring of J.J coupe. I can tell she and Greg were both involved in this and iit was a great tme. She learned the term butt connector real well. I look forward to cruizing along with her in the future.

  2. E.J. Fesler

    Greg was my first cousin and good friend. He’d love to see what J.J. has done with the old Coup. He’d love to be hangin with J.J. and riding along with her to all the car shows and having fun.


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