We Are Captivated By Vintage Advertising And Here’s Why

We Are Captivated By Vintage Advertising And Here’s Why
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What do you collect? Coins, stamps, awesome pictures online? Most of us have habitual collection tendencies that we may or may not be proud of.

Collecting is good, most of us have physical collections that we love to show off every now and again. I am particularly proud of my die-cast car collection and every now and then I will catch a little heat for having “my stuff”  spread beyond my office; God forbid a model car made it’s way into the kitchen or the untouchable living room.

These days I have moved my collecting habits to classic car magazines and old vintage ads that I find online. I still collect cars but since I am always on-line retro ads have been filling my hard drive.

For instance, this an old Ford commercial for the “New” Ford Cruising Van and the Pinto Cruising Wagon set in the 1970’s.

Vinatge Ad

Then there is this one, a Chevrolet Corvette and Bel Air Sport Coupe advertisement, one of my favorites!

Chevy ads

I find myself captivated with this one too, ads specifically from the 50’s and 60’s are the most aesthetically pleasing to me.

1957 Chrysler

Another favorite of mine is this Gulf Service Station.

Gulf Oil

Now this one is a gem, Montgomery Ward & Co advertising rebuilt motors This company has been around since the 1800’s.

Vintage Ads

More good news for strong little engine addicts:

vintage ad

The 1977 Monte Carlo had a simple but elegant commercial:

Vintage ad

What pictures do you like or collect?

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