2nd Annual Goodguys/Speedway Motors Day At The Hay Show
Photo Credit To Steve Lewis
2nd Annual Goodguys/Speedway Motors Day At The Hay Show

2nd Annual Goodguys/Speedway Motors Day At The Hay Show

2nd Annual Day At The Hay Kick Off Party
Sponsored by Speedway Motors

In 2015 the Goodguys Rod and Custom Association teamed up with Speedway Motors to bring the Inaugural Day At The Hay to the North Haymarket Festival And Sports District in Lincoln, Nebraska. Speedway Motors hosted an Awesome Kick Off party the night before, opening up their facility to all the Registered Show Participants.

This year was no exception, the 2nd Annual Speedway Motors Day At The Hay Kick Off Party, proved to be even Bigger and Better than the year before.

The party started at 4:00pm on Friday June 24th, and wrapped up around 10:00pm at The Smith Collection Museum Of American Speed located on the Sprawling 46 acre Speedway Motors Campus which not only houses Speedway Motors 520,000 sq. ft. Headquarters, but provides a ideal location for the 135,000 sq. ft. 3-Story facility that houses The Smith Collection Museum Of American Speed Museum.

The Gracious Folks at Speedway Motors provided Food, Tons of Door Prizes, and opened up the Impressive Smith Collection Museum Of American Speed to all that attended. Over 300 Cars and Trucks made their way to Speedway Motors for a Great Evening of fun for all.

All though the Party kicked off at 4:00 there were a constant flow of Hot Rods and Customs through the lot all day long. Many people were getting to see the Speedway Motors Complex and The Smith Collection Museum Of American Speed for the first time. This is definitely a party that you shouldn’t miss.

1959 Cadillac

This 1959 Cadillac is the True Meaning of Smooth, that Black Paint, and Ghost Flames were unbelievable. This Caddy actually sees plenty of street miles, and it’s nice to not see it hidden away in a trailer.

Ford Edsel

This Edsel took everyone on a Nostalgic Trip with this Ultra Rare Kozy Traveler Kar Kamper from the Wilson Manufacturing Company from Wilson, Kansas. It was an Amazing, Surprising Spacious, and really Kool Kar Kamper.

GMC Twin Six V12

GMC Twin Six V12 Engine

This GMC was Insane having the Bed Shortened, Cab Repositioned, and the Fenders Stretched to accommodate that HUGE 702 cu. in. GMC Twin Six V12 Engine. This isn’t a Trailer Queen either, this baby has put some miles down on the highway.

1923 T Bucket

1923 T Bucket

Speedway Motors had their 1923 T-Bucket on display that was built in 5 months by 5 of the Ladies from Speedway Motors (Dubbed The Bucket Beauties) and was finished just in time for The Goodguys Day At the Hay Show.

Johnny Lightning

Day At The Hay

The Johnny Lightning Indy Car driven by Al Unser Sr. was on display at the party, and Al Unser Jr. was on hand enjoying the party as well. As always “Lil Al” is more than happy to take a picture with a Fan. This fan just happened to be my Fiancee’ Donna.

1968 Pontiac Executive

1968 Pontiac Executive

This Beautiful Survivor 1968 Pontiac Executive that made the trip from Kansas to the party was For Sale the last time I saw a car like this it was my 1968 Pontiac Catalina I owned in 1974.

1955 Chevy Gasser

Gasser Cars have made a Huge Come Back in the last few years, and this 1955 Chevy Gasser is as clean as they come. It just looks like it’s just starving for a nice little Stop Light Dance.

Hot Rod

Hot Rod

It’s hard to beat a ’40 Ford for a Traditional Old School Hot Rod, these two 40’s filled the bill completely.

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