The Automatic App Adapter Will Change Our Relationship with Our Cars

The Automatic App Adapter Will Change Our Relationship with Our Cars
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Imagine a world in which your car can communicate with you and let you know how you’re doing on gas mileage and how you might improve that, or a world in which your car can help you diagnose problems and suggest solutions.

These types of features may be available in some of the most modern cars, but they’re sadly lacking in older cars. An innovative new plug-in adapter for your car is trying to change all that. The Automatic App + Adapter actually plugs into the diagnostic port that’s located underneath the dashboard of almost all cars built after 1996 and it can revolutionize the way you communicate with your car.

Automatic Wireless Link

Automatic App Adapter

As long as you have the adapter plugged into the diagnostic port and the free app open on your smartphone your car can quickly communicate vital information to you via a wireless link between the adapter and your car. It’s an impressive piece of technology which means those of us that aren’t quite willing to give up our older cars can still enjoy some of the newest technology available.

Mileage Improvements

Car diagnostic Automatic App Adapter

Perhaps one of the key things that this app can do for the driver is its ability to track your mileage and more importantly understand and suggest subtle changes that you can make to your driving habits to help improve that mileage.

For example, if you have a tendency to accelerate to fast from stop signs the adapter can sense that and suggest to you that you should ease up on the accelerator. According to the adapter’s creators, this can save you up to a third on your gas mileage.

Keep Your Car Healthy

One of the most annoying things that happen to us as drivers is when that pesky check engine light comes on for no apparent reason. Often we can continue driving with that light on and our car seems to run just fine, but you never know when that warning signal is going to result in a breakdown.

Another thing this adapter along with its app can do for you is to recognize what’s causing the check engine light to come on, identify the problem to you, and suggest potential solutions.

It might be something as simple as making sure your gas cap is closed correctly, or something a little bit more serious that will require a visit to your local mechanic. If it is something simple that you can fix yourself the app will also let you reset the check engine light and avoid any unnecessary trip to the mechanic.

Helps You Find That Parking Spot

Automatic App Adapter

If you’ve ever parked in a crowded parking lot and then forgot to check which row you parked your car in you’ll understand how frustrating the search for your car can be later on.

This adapter can also eliminate this frustration using GPS technology linked with your smartphone to help you always return to the right parking spot without any real trouble. It can potentially save a lot of angry words being exchanged between spouses.

Potentially Life-Saving

One of the most important editions of many modern cars is the ability for them to communicate with emergency services if you’ve been in an accident when you can’t contact them yourself.

That’s a function that simply isn’t available in older cars, but with this adapter, it can be. The adapter can recognize when you’ve been in a crash and it can alert 911 as well as letting them know your exact position. It’s also possible to set up your app to notify your family members as well.

An Impressive Piece of Technology

This adapter is without a doubt an impressive piece of technology with a lot of potential. It has the potential to improve upon our driving experience and help keep us safe on the road.

While it’s ideal for older vehicles it can also be of some use if you’ve got a newer vehicle and simply don’t want to pay for the extra packages that will give you the type of functionality that this adapter can.

This simple little adapter retails for under $100 which makes it an extremely affordable option for helping to turn your car into a great source of information to help you while you’re on the road.

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