4 Things About Ford Motor Company You Probably Never Knew
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4 Things About Ford Motor Company You Probably Never Knew

Ford is the 4th largest car manufacturer in the world, raking in more than $114 billion every year. It also has one of the richest histories and the most iconic car brands, like the Mustang. But there are few things about Ford hardly anyone knows and if you keep reading we plan to share them with you.

They made the first monster truck

big foot

Ford made the world’s first monster truck: the Bigfoot. They built it in 1975 to act as a moving, monstrous poster for the Midwest Four Wheel Drive and Performance Center.

Needless to say, the monster truck took on a life of its own, driving over a row of cars and creating a unique new competition.

The GT40 was built out of spite


During the early 1960s, it was almost certain that Enzo Ferrari would sell his company. Henry Ford II heard about this and spent millions on the best lawyers to negotiate terms and audit Ferrari.

However, Enzo pulled out of negotiations at the last minute when he learned he would lose his control over his company’s race operations.

Having lost money and feeling cheated, Ford II built the GT40. This was a mid-engine endurance racer whose sole purpose was to defeat Ferrari at Le Mans. And beat Ferrari it did.

In 1966, the GT40 won its debut at Le Mans as its three models took all three podium spots. The highest-finishing Ferrari, meanwhile, finished in 8th position. For the next three years, the GT40 dominated Le Mans while Ferrari was forced into the shadows.

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Ford nearly made a car running on nuclear power


In the 1950s, everyone saw nuclear power as a safe and limitless energy source. Ford wanted to cash in on this, and they developed the Nucleon concept in 1958.

The car would be powered by nuclear fuel rods, which would be replaced after an astonishing 5,000 miles. However, the hitch came when they wondered how they would safely dispose of the potentially fatal energy source.

Ford invented the 5-Day work week


Ford has always been a well-loved company, and for good reason: in the early 20th century, they were among the few companies hiring workers from various ethnicities and both sexes.

They also came up with the work week that’s standard all over the world. Ford was among the very first companies that introduced the 40-hour work week that spanned five days.

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