4 Weird and True Crazy Car Stories
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4 Weird and True Crazy Car Stories

We all have one or two stories that blur the lines between believability and urban legends.  These are stories that are so amazing that it’s difficult to see how they could possibly be true.  Perhaps you have a story about a clown that lurks around your neighborhood after midnight scaring people, or maybe you’ve heard those stories about the giant alligator living in the sewers. 

There is little doubt that stories like these are urban legends, but there are many stories that sound just as farfetched and yet turn out to be true.  We’ve put together five of the weirdest stories involving cars we could find.

Watch Out for that Car!
Stories about car chases are quite common, but not ones where the person behind the wheel of the car being chased ends up getting themselves run over by the car they’re driving.  It’s hard to believe, but that’s exactly what happened to a young man by the name of Brandon Arrieta in Pasco Washington. 

As he tried to get away from police the car he was driving got a flat tire and so he thought it would be a good idea to jump out of the car and run away.  Unfortunately, when he tried to jump out of the car his shirt got stuck in the wheel well and the car ran him over.  He didn’t suffer any major injuries, but I’m sure he was more than a little embarrassed.

A Ferrari’s Worth its Weight in Gold
As enthusiastic car lovers we’ve made it our mission to look at some of the best cars on the planet and no list of great cars would be complete without a Ferrari near the top.  Our next story involves a gold plated Ferrari believe it or not!  A group of young pranksters in England’s capital city London decided to try and hitch a ride in a luxury car and post their experience on YouTube.

After several attempts, they weren’t having a lot of luck and were about to give up, but at the last minute they spotted a man driving a gold-plated Ferrari!  Believe it or not, he was more than happy to take them for a ride and they posted it all on YouTube.  I doubt there are too many gold Ferrari’s anywhere in the world which makes this story that much more amazing.

Snakes on the Loose
There’s something about snakes that most people find a little hard to stomach.  It probably has something to do with their slimy appearance and the fact that they slither around in a seemingly unnatural way.  How would you feel if you were driving down the road and a snake popped up out of the hood of your car?

That’s exactly what happened to a man in Florida recently.  As he drove down the road a 6-foot snake climbed out of the hood of his car.  It didn’t do any damage and it soon fell off, but it’s an experience he won’t soon forgot.

Hard to Bear
Anyone who enjoys hiking and camping is aware of the possibility of running into a wild bear.  It’s a risk that’s unavoidable and as long as you take proper precautions it’s not normally a major concern, but every once in awhile hikers will run into a bear on their travels.


That recently happened to a hiker in the mountains of Colorado, but how his story ended will probably surprise you.  Somehow the bear managed to get inside his car and put it in gear!  After a short joy ride the car crashed into a tree, but it’s an experience neither man nor bear will ever forget.

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