Bring Your Classic Car Back To Life In A Jiffy
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Bring Your Classic Car Back To Life In A Jiffy

Very few people will disagree, old cars are awesome. These works of mechanical art feature the stylistic trends of a bygone era. And although many of these vehicles featured the latest technology in their time, they tend to be extremely simple and reliable compared to today’s complicated contraptions.

The automobile industry has made incomprehensible advancements since then, but these relics of days gone by were designed and built by people not much different from ourselves. We have all gazed in awe at the ruins of ancient civilizations. Old cars offer the unique opportunity to study the natural progression of a thriving establishment.

A lot of them can be had for a very reasonable price too. These automobiles, while not necessarily as fast as the latest sports cars on the market, can provide more bang for your buck than you’ll ever even want. It just takes a little oomph on your part.

1: Change the oil

Proper lubrication is vital to your engine. It might fire right up, but remember the oil is probably as old as the car is. Changing the oil is cheap insurance against destroying the cars factory-original engine, especially when that clunker you picked up for next to nothing might be worth serious moolah to the right person.

2: Charge your battery

So you turn the key, and nothing happens. Even today’s modern automobiles can be rendered useless in short order if left to rot. Oftentimes, a dead battery may be the only blockade between you and the open road. Time to finally try out those jumper cables you’ve never used before. If that doesn’t work, the slow and controlled juice from a battery charger might bring it right back to life.

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3: Check those tires

Even if it starts right up without a hiccup, you need to consider your personal safety. Tires wear out over time even when they’re not being used. Left exposed to the atmosphere, rubber slowly but surely deteriorates. Replacing unusable tires is expensive, but the cost of not doing so can be deadly. It’s possible they’re in good condition, but you might have to pump them up.

4: There’s no stopping you, but that’s not always a good thing

It’s hard to say whether brakes or tires are more important. Both are critical to the safety of you and everybody else on the road. Old cars are prone to incessant decay, and so are the components of their braking systems. After years of decomposition, your brakes may do absolutely nothing to slow your roll.

5: Give that beast a tune-up

So you’ve got this jalopy going for the first time in forever and something doesn’t seem quite right. Maybe it shakes or backfires or just doesn’t have any power. Sometimes the cheapest car parts make the biggest difference.

A new set of spark plugs won’t set you back much and this simple repair might be all your sleepy ol’ hot rod needs to wake back up. Be sure to check the vehicle’s air filter as well. Engines must breathe! Especially the behemoth V8’s of our forefathers. A new one probably costs less than your lunch and can provide a notable improvement in power and gas mileage.

So it’s been sitting behind some dude’s shed since before you were born. Or maybe you found it, mystically unscathed under a dusty tarp after you’re buddy’s barn collapsed.

That jalopy might have more miles left in it than you’ll ever need! There’s only one way to find out. A few car parts and a little elbow grease might be all you need to get ‘er running for good.

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