5 Apps You Need To Have On Any Road Trip
5 Apps You Need To Have On Any Road Trip

5 Apps You Need To Have On Any Road Trip

There is nothing better than the open road, here at Daily Rubber we aren’t strangers to weekly road trips. We have done them on a whim with little to know preparation, and we have done them with weeks of planning.

Whether you are a paper road map and ‘see where it takes you kind of guy’ or a GPS, technology geek with a fetish for road adventures we think having a few apps just in case things go ary is absolutely necessary.

1. Gas Buddy

Planning a trip across the country? Unfortunately you might need gas. That’s where Gas Buddy comes in. It helps you find the cheapest gas on your path.

2. Waze

There are tons of navigation apps out there, but none like Waze. With this app, you get real-time traffic updates so you know what routes to avoid, notifications on speed traps, gas price comparisons and multiple routes to get to your destination. If that’s not enough, Waze is community-based, meaning you’re always getting live updates from other drivers.

3. Tune In

A road trip just isn’t complete without music playing on the radio. But local radio stations can get boring after a time. That’s why Tune In offers over 100,000 radio stations from all over the world. With a selection this massive, you’ll grow old and lose your teeth before you even come close to exhausting the selection.

4. Audible

If you’re not into music and just prefer to catch up on some reading, no need to worry. Audible gets you access to tons of books in all genres. Sometimes a peaceful ride as you lose yourself in an imaginary world is the best way to pass the time.

5. Greatest Drive

If you don’t have a clear idea where to go on your road trip—some of us just love to wing it, after all—then Greatest Drive is for you. It suggests all the best nearby itineraries, complete with user reviews, star ratings and summaries.

It even makes the drive itself more comfortable by highlighting roads that are scenic, twisty or constantly have traffic jams.

With these apps, you’re certain to have an unforgettable road trip! So stop thinking and start driving.

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