5 Cool Police Car Modifications
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5 Cool Police Car Modifications

5 Cool Police Car Modifications

When we think about police cars we don’t normally think about the coolest cars on the road, but in this crazy world of ours things don’t always turn out quite the way we expect them to.

From the California highways to the streets of rural Britain, all the way to the sandy desert roads of Dubai, police forces are adopting new and innovative vehicles to patrol the streets.

We wouldn’t normally expect to see policemen driving down the streets in sports cars or SUVs, but when you take a look at some of these crazy car modifications you’ll be very surprised at what you see. Here are five of the coolest police car modifications on the planet.

Ford Police Interceptor Utility

Ford Police Interceptor

The first cool police car modification on our list is the California Highway Patrol’s Ford police interceptor utility. This baby is fast, cool looking, and built for power.

In fact, this vehicle looks like it’s just as likely to be found in the mountains of California as it is on the highways around Los Angeles.


This vehicle is designed to carry up to four heavily armored police officers, so if you see one of these coming down the road you might want to be on your best behavior. It’s not surprising to find California making a splash on this list after all Hollywood is where all the glitz and glamor is.

AC Schnitzer Mini E Electric Car

Mini Police Car

The next car on our list takes us to the mean streets of Germany, okay maybe not the mean streets, but at least to the showroom floor.

The AC Schnitzer Mini E police car is, you guessed it, an electric version of the Mini. This car has a better chance of helping the police do their part for the environment, than it does of winning any car chases, but it’s still pretty cool looking and for that reason, it makes our list. You’re definitely more likely to see this being used by traffic police than you are on high-speed chases.

The Ariel Atom

The Ariel Atom

The third car in this series takes us to the wet and dreary roads of rural Britain. Intuitively, if you think about where you would find the fastest police cars it would probably be on the streets of Germany, or perhaps Italy, but you’d be surprised to find that it’s actually in Britain.

The Aerial Atom sports car has been used by British police in Avon and Somerset to track down speeders and as a promotional tool. If you see this police car in your rear-view mirror your best to pull over, you don’t have much of a chance out racing it with a top speed of 155 mph.

The Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Adventador Police Car

For the next couple of cars on our list, we’ll head over to the Sandy windswept streets of Dubai. Where else would you find the Lamborghini Aventador police car cruising the streets looking for bad guys?

You guessed it, in the oil-rich sheikdom of Dubai. With a top speed of 350 km/h, there isn’t much chance of Dubai’s criminals getting away from the police. In fact, some of them may be more interested in getting caught so they can go for a ride in this beautiful Lamborghini. If you have to outrun a sandstorm, it would be nice to be behind the wheel of one of these.

Eco-Friendly One-Seater Electric Car

eco-friendly mini car

Dubai isn’t all about the fast cars on their highways. In the crowded streets and shopping markets of Dubai, you might be just as likely to run into a different kind of vehicle.

A couple of years ago the Dubai police force started testing the eco-friendly electric car. If you’re ever visiting Dubai don’t be surprised if you run into a one seated electric police vehicle driving by you.

This interesting little vehicle is more about the police getting close to the people than it is about outracing any criminals. Still, it’s definitely cool enough to make the list.

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No matter where you go in the world you’re bound to run into some pretty cool police car modifications. From North America to Europe, all the way to the deserts of Arabia, police forces have one thing in common – they’re always looking for an edge on the criminals.

The cars we looked at above may not always outrace the bad guys, but they’ll definitely make them do a double take, and that may be all of an edge the police need.

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