5 Rusty Cars That You Probably Would Not Drive… But We Would!
Photo Credit To Daily Rubber, Roadkill, Google Images

5 Rusty Cars That You Probably Would Not Drive… But We Would!

So what if that heap of scrap metal and peeling paint has been sitting there before you were born. Have no fear, slap some Cragar’s and Mickey Thompson’s on it and turn it into your own personal hot rod.

You might not have figured it out just yet but Daily Rubber has a little bit of a wheel and tire fetish, and we tend to give props to certain cars that the average car guy would not take the time to appreciate.

With that said here are 5 rusty cars you probably wouldn’t drive but we sure as heck would:

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Custom Hot Rod

Custom Hot Rod

Pontiac GTO with peeling roof and patchy paint

Pontiac GTO

Ford Galaxie with a little rust and fresh rubber

1969 Ford Galaxie

Rusted out truck with matching rims

Rusted truck

General Mayhem Hellcat Charger – Roadkill

General Mayhem Hellcat Charger

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