5 Reasons I Prefer A Classic Aston Martin
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5 Reasons I Prefer A Classic Aston Martin

5 Reasons I Prefer A Classic Aston Martin

There are some cars that simply spark the imagination. We can easily imagine ourselves tearing up the city streets, or cruising through the countryside in our favorite sports car or luxury car.

One car that definitely inspires this type of nostalgic appeal is the classic Aston Martin – I’m talking about those classics of the 50’s and 60’s not the modern cars of today.

Don’t get me wrong the 2012 Aston Martin One-77 is an absolutely gorgeous car, but it doesn’t ignite the same sense of passion that the 1952 Aston Martin DB2 does. This car was way ahead of its time, and its elegant lines and sleek design are just as impressive more than 60 years later. Here are 5 reasons I prefer a classic Aston Martin.

Classic Elegance

Aston Martin interior

This may be the fundamental reason for preferring a classic Aston Martin. These cars were all about simplicity and elegance, gorgeous leather interior, classic wood paneling on the dashboard, and a spacious interior that makes driving in one a dream.

I particularly like the convertible roadster – I mean, who doesn’t love a convertible. There’s nothing like throwing the top back, and kicking it in to gear on a beautiful summer day. You’re bound to get more than a few enviable looks as you pass pedestrians on a quite country lane in your classic Aston Martin convertible.

Trademark Front Grill

Aston Martin DB4 grille

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If you’re not familiar with the elegant styling of the front grill of a classic Aston Martin, you’ve probably never seen an Aston Martin. In 1963 they released the DB5, which may have the best example of the icon front grill.

This car has often been described as the most beautiful car in the world, and the front grill design had a lot to do with this. The Aston Martin has earned its rightful place as one of the most iconic sports cars of all time, and the front grill has had a strong influence on this.

Power and Innovation

Aston Martin


Like most car companies, Aston Martin has gone through many different incarnations over the years, but it has always represented the cream of the crop of car companies.

The company began life as the brainchild of Robert Bamfield and Lionel Martin as Bamfield & Martin Ltd in 1913, and changed its name a year later to Aston Martin. From those very earliest days Aston Martin has always been about power and innovation.

In that very first year Aston Martin established itself as a powerhouse with its successful domination of the Aston Hill Climb in Buckinghamshire England. In 1937 Aston Martin began introducing and independent suspension to its vehicles, further evidence of the company’s inclination to be at the cutting edge of innovation. This trend has continued unabated ever since.

Sports Car Performance

Aston Martin Racing

The Aston Martin has consistently been one of the top performing sports cars over the years. Leading the way in many major races, through the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s Aston Martin was consistently at the front of the pack in major races all across Europe and in 1959 the company secured the World SportsCar Championship.

The same technology that lead to the power and performance in Aston Martin’s race cars was also present in their production street models. If you’ve ever driven an Aston Martin DB5 on the streets of any city, you probably felt like you were driving a race car.

Lasting Power

Aston Martin DB5

In the mid 20’s Aston Martin ran into financial trouble and briefly ceased production, but after being bailed out by a group of investors in 1926 the company has never looked back.

Why has Aston Martin had the lasting power to remain at the forefront of sports car design and innovation for more than 100 years?

The company refuses to rest on its laurels – they are always looking to take advantage of the latest technology without sacrificing style and elegance. Their iconic style is easily recognizable amongst motor enthusiasts the world over, and of course that beautiful front grill has always been at the center of it.

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