Top 5 Reasons For Choosing the Jaguar F-Type R Convertible
Top 5 Reasons For Choosing the Jaguar F-Type R Convertible

Top 5 Reasons For Choosing the Jaguar F-Type R Convertible

Just about every teenage boy dreams of owning a convertible one day – some are even lucky enough to have a dad that owns one to make the dream seem that much more real. Most of us grow up, start families, and settle for a sedan. A convertible just doesn’t seem practical anymore once the reality of life sets in.

For a select few, the dream never dies – sure the boy turns into a man, but they never give up on their dream of owning a convertible. If a convertible has always been your dream car, and you’ve got some spare change lying around, the Jaguar F-Type R convertible should definitely be on your short list.

Okay, you’ll need more than a little spare change to land yourself behind the wheel of one of these. Here are 5 reasons for choosing the Jaguar F-Type R convertible.

#1 Power

The Jaguar F-Type convertible is quite simply a beast. This model includes a V8 engine, with 550hp, and 505 pounds of torque.

On average in testing, it was able to go from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds – this might not be a match for your top class Ferrari’s or Lamborghini’s, but for a car that’s designed for everyday driving it’s a magnificent achievement. With a top speed of 188 miles an hour, you’ll have all the power and speed you can handle.

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#2 Interior Design

If you like a car that’s as beautiful inside as it is outside the F-Type R certainly qualifies. This car features an interior that will make any car enthusiast drool. T

he front seats are what you’d expect in a top notch sports car – leather bucket seats with a sharp red on black color scheme which is definitely eye catching.

The R type logo is also embossed in the seats for good measure. The dash has the rounded speedometer and rpm displays common in sports cars, and the dash is sleek and beautiful.

Jaguar F Type Interior

#3 Bells and Whistles

While the Jaguar F-Type R convertible is primarily a sports car, they haven’t forgotten to include all the bells and whistles we’ve come to expect in a top of the line car these days.

Features such as a touch screen dashboard control panel are standard, with Apple and Android app integration. The stereo is pretty impressive as well – Jaguar now includes as a standard feature a 770 watt Meridian sound system with perfect sound quality. Oh, and it has heated seats to keep your but warm – even if the air outside is cool.

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#4 Classis Sports Car Sound

What is the most impressive feature if we’re talking about the 15-year-old boy inside of you? This car is loud! With two dual exhausts on either side it crackles and pops and I don’t mean the Rice Krispies sound either.

If you’re going to visit your grandma you may want to consider an alternative form of transportation, because the sound of this classic sports car rumbling down the street is bound to affect her heart condition.

#5 Classic Design

One thing Jaguars always done well over the years, even when the performance of their cars hasn’t been quite up to par, is to produce beautiful and elegant looking machines – the F-Type R is no exception.

This car combines finely contoured lines, with a sleek aerodynamic look. The rounded hood, prominent grill, and stylish headlights all add nicely to the overall look of performance and sophistication. This car has a wide body that seems to exude power.

Convertible Jaguar
Jaguar hasn’t always lived up to its reputation, but after some disappointing years Jaguar is back in 2016 with one of its finest efforts yet. The Jaguar F-Type R is everything a sports car should be – it’s fast, it’s stylish, and it’s loud. The 15-year-old boy in you will thank you!

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