8 Tips You Can Use For Your Very First Car Show
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8 Tips You Can Use For Your Very First Car Show

The spring is here and you have finally decided it is time to let your baby compete in an award winning car show. It’s her first time, and you are excited because you know there is a possibility that you both could win something.

You know you need to be prepared and so now here you are reading this post because you know Daily Rubber will have the best tips you can use to get your car ready for her first win.

Well look no further here are 8 tips you can use to win big at a car show:

1. Make your car stand out with a great detail

Leave no stone unturned, the competition will be stiff, show cars are a dime a dozen so get your car detailed inside and out making sure the car is spotless.

We mean every crevice every door jam and every corner of the wheels and rims. It doesn’t hurt to get the car waxed up and glistening either, so purchase a quality wax and get it done before you get to the show.

When you get to the show do not assume that the cleaning is over, always travel with a small cleaning kit for minor things you may have missed especially your tires and rims.

Hot Rod

2. Do not leave random things in the car or trunk

Most guys like to see a little junk in the trunk but in this case, it’s not a good idea. Leave the junk out of the car, you can accessorize with other things that add to the show aspect of the car but anything random just leave it at home.


3. Do not roll down your windows

Leave your windows showing so they can be judged, to this point they must be spotless. Window cleaners are very sophisticated now and there are many to choose from. Pick a quality product and get those windows looking like mirrors.

Chevrolet Camaro

4. If you have a convertible, leave the top up

You won’t get any additional points if the convertible top is down, so leave it up for the judges.

5. Do not ‘help’ the judges

You do not need to ‘guide’ the judges while judging your car. If they have a question, they will certainly ask you.

6. Get there early

Because detailing is so important we recommend getting to the show at least an hour before so that you can get great parking and a chance to do one final detail.

You just drove to the show so you will have some cleaning to do, it helps to have enough time to do it.

cleaning classic car

7. Do your homework

You might not win in your first car show event, but that is ok! This is an opportunity to find out how you can get closer to winning by asking the judges for their opinions on what you could have done better.

Do this after the show, sometimes you can get some great pointers for next time.

8. Have fun

Do not let the judging fool you car shows are a lot of fun so bring the cooler, bring a tent and a few chairs. Use it as a time to have a great time with family and friends, winning a trophy is just an added bonus.

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