Mexico’s Latest Supercar is the Inferno With Stretchable Metal
Mexico’s Latest Supercar is the Inferno With Stretchable Metal

Mexico’s Latest Supercar is the Inferno With Stretchable Metal

The Inferno might not be the first Mexican supercar, but it could have a legitimate claim to being the most radical. Some time ago, the Mastretta MXT was the only internationally recognized Mexican sports car.

A few years later, the Mastretta got a company in the form of the Vuhl 05, which was a 285bhp direct rival to the Ariel Atom. And now, Mexico has the Inferno, its most aggressive-looking supercar by far.

Inferno announced its first model, the “Exotic Car” (no, really), at the Expo Bancomer technology event. Designed to look like a teenage boy’s fantasy car, the Inferno is more than just aggressive curves: it has a top speed of 245mph, thanks to a twin-turbo V8 engine churning out a 1,400bhp engine.


Inferno claims that the power of this car will let it move from 0-62 mph in just under 3 seconds. The Exotic Car is easily the most powerful Mexican supercar ever.

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Antonio Ferrarioli, who designs components for Lamborghini’s supercars, created the Exotic Car. He made it look like an enlarged Hot Wheels because there’s no car-loving boy in this world who doesn’t dream of a car just like the Inferno.

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For adults, though, it might not fit everyone’s tastes. The body is made from metal foam, a revolutionary zinc-aluminium-silver alloy that has the strength of armour while being stretchable. In fact, the makers claim the car can stretch until it reaches 100 times its regular size, and this will allow the car to absorb any impact without causing damage to its basic physical properties.

So, Inferno has made the car more than safe for the driver; they’ve made it into a virtually indestructible tank with the looks of a toy racer.

The Exotic Car’s production will start next year, and we’ll see if it lives up to its billing as a heavily armored supercar that can go toe to toe with heavyweights like the upcoming Bugatti Chiron.

For a closer look check out this video:

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