Sci-Fi Movie Cars That Are Still Ahead Of Our Time
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Sci-Fi Movie Cars That Are Still Ahead Of Our Time

Sci-Fi Movie Cars That Are Still Ahead Of Our Time

Movie directors have done a great job of capturing our imagination when it comes to futuristic concept cars, or at least they’ve had the good sense to higher major car manufacturers to come up with concepts for them.

Some of the best sci-fi movies of the last 30 years have included some very cool concept cars and in many cases , these cars have led to some key innovations being introduced to our everyday vehicles.

It doesn’t matter whether you enjoyed The Minority Report or Demolition Man, but you have to admit there were some pretty cool cars in these movies. Here is a list of Sci-Fi movie cars that are still ahead of our time.

Lexus 2054 – The Minority Report

Concept Lexus

If you watch the movie The Minority Report you probably remember the cool car that Tom Cruise drives around in it – that car was a concept car created by Lexus.

This is a car that while futuristic, it isn’t that far-fetched either. Some of the technology that was featured in this car, such as its built-in accident prevention system, is being introduced in some advanced cars today. It was also pretty cool that the car could change colors! Whether you love it or hate it this concept Lexus car certainly was an eye catcher.

Audi RSQ – I Robot

I Robot Audi

The Audi RSQ was another eye-catching futuristic concept car from the movies. Will Smith used this car to great effect in some mind-boggling car chase scenes and it was a car that seemed to have the ability to float on air.

This was due to one of the premium features of this car which actually hid the wheels inside the body of the car giving it the appearance of a car hovering above the ground. The jury’s still out on whether we’ll be driving hover cars in the near future, but it sure is nice to dream!

Light Runner – Tron Legacy

Tron Light Runner

The Light Runner from the movie Tron Legacy may be one of the most innovative looking feature concept cars ever used in a movie so far.

This likely has a lot to do with the premise of the Tron movies placing people and vehicles inside a computerized environment. Whatever you think of these movies, there is no doubt that this car is something out of this world. With its metallic sheen and neon style lighting throughout its design, it definitely stands out in a crowd.

GM Ultralite Concept Car – Demolition Man

GM Ultralite Concept

Demolition Man may be a little older than some of the other movies on this list, but any list of sci-fi concept cars of the last 30 years would not be complete without including the GM Ultralite Concept Car from this movie.

This car featured a sleek and aerodynamic design that was years ahead of its time – even for a concept car. It also featured some very advanced technology such as self-driving features that are just becoming part of everyday language today.

It’s fun to picture yourself behind the wheel of some of the amazingly advanced cars you see in your favorite movies and with the rapid pace of technological advancement that might be possible in the next few years.

From the great Lexus car featured in The Minority Report to the GM Ultralite concept car used in the movie The Demolition Man sci-fi movies have always inspired us. It will not be surprising to see many of the innovations and designs in these great movie concept cars we’ve discussed here becoming part of everyday life in the near future.

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