The Top 4 Lowriders Of All Time
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The Top 4 Lowriders Of All Time

If you want to impress the ladies then customizing your car based on sex appeal rather than solely on speed might just be an option to consider. If that’s the case then buying a Lowrider or building your own is a perfect way to express your  mechanical and creative side.

Lowriders do not necessarily boast increased horsepower or performance and typically not driven very fast. However, if you are looking to cruise the boulevard or into your next car show they are a great way to arrive on the scene.

top 5 lowriders

Lowriders have colorful stylish designs, lowered suspension, candy paint and exotic plush interiors with a sound system not built for the faint of heart. Lowriders evolved out of the Chicano culture in California in the 1930’s and since then have been a car show fave!

Here are our top 4 picks for original lowriders:

1. 1939 Chevy

classic chevy lowrider

If you are a Chevy guy then you will agree that Chevys are the original car of choice for lowriders. At the time Chevys were less expensive and the design was perfect for that Lowrider look.

2. 1941 Ford

1941 Ford
Although a little more expensive than their Chevy counterparts there are some car guys who simply prefer Ford for their lowriders. In some cases, the design of the early Fords made it difficult for it to become part of the lowrider family.

The bumpers were made with a bulge in the middle which made it scrape along the ground when lowered. If you wanted to make a lowrider out of the 1941 Ford you better be prepared to switch out that bumper.

3. Chevy Impala


It would be an abomination if we did a lowrider post and did not include the Chevy Impala. Impala’s are just  very customizable cars since the start of production. They were popular in the 50’s and 60’s and still very popular today.

4. 1965 Buick Riviera

Buick Riviera

The Buick Riviera has a very special place in our hearts. A bit more upscale in comparison to the Impala and powerful in its own right. The Riviera was marketed as a luxury car so it became a symbol of status in the lowrider community. What are your top picks for lowriders?


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