Event: Goodguys 2015 Lone Star Nationals
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Event: Goodguys 2015 Lone Star Nationals

I think my wife said it best when she said, “I feel like I have traveled back in time to the 40’s and 50’s when Hot Rods were the next big thing.”

Texas Motor Speedway was transformed into a nostalgic ode to old time cars. There was everything from vintage gasoline pumps, to the random barbecues in front of trailers with cars that stood the test of time set perfectly beside them. The Goodguys show was a great time.

car show

As we mentioned in Friday’s post, the weather was perfect over the weekend, the sun was out but the air was cool, especially during the mornings when guys pulled out there quick shine and micro fiber towels to put the finishing touches on their prized possessions.

Not to mention the bright sunshine provided us with a superb opportunity to capture the experience for our Daily Rubber readers who could not be there.

They say that hot rodding is a generational thing and we noticed that families took the opportunity to come out and spend quality time with each other. There were fathers and sons looking under the hoods as the owner explained all the upgrades.

We noticed lads as young as five and six taking pictures in hopes of having what they captured added to dad’s collection. There were daughters putting in their requests for the vehicle they hope to drive when they finally get to 16.

hot rod

My own son at three years old loved when I acknowledged the cars he pointed out ‘Look daddy a purple car, that’s cool dad’ he would say.

This is what Goodguys is about, creating an experience that families could enjoy and helping us to create that sense of pride we have for the hobby, that our fathers have and that our kids will have.

It’s the spirit of Goodguys in addition to the cars that makes the show such a successful event every year. Where else will you find old school and new school guys swapping stories about manufacturers and who are the best custom builders?

You guessed it! Nowhere but Goodguys! Check out the pictures and comment below to let us know if we did a great job at bringing the show to life.

Hot Rod

Chevy Nomad


Retro signs

Classic car






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