Goodguys – 3 Days Of Full Throttle Fun
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Goodguys – 3 Days Of Full Throttle Fun

Yesterday we made our way to The Texas Motor Speedway to set up for the 3 day Goodguys Lone Star Nationals Annual event. When they came in the Spring we were there but while it was a great show the rain made things a bit difficult.

This weekend the skies are clear and it should be sunny all weekend long. The cars are all rolling in getting cleaned up, vendors are adding the final touches and the track is getting warmed up with a random muscle car or hot rod here and there in anticipation of a great event.

When you are setting up for the show things can get pretty interesting as we get to see a few of the cars unload in between getting things prepared at our own booth. We only caught a few shots check them out. Daily Rubber is looking forward to a great weekend and we intend to document every bit of it!

GoodGuys Texas

GoodGuys Texas

GoodGuys Hot Rod

GoodGuys Hot Rod

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