Separating True Pioneering Spirit From Today’s Entitled Drivers
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Separating True Pioneering Spirit From Today’s Entitled Drivers

Separating True Pioneering Spirit From Today’s Entitled Drivers

True pioneering spirit takes us back to the mindset of the Oregon Trail. A Trailblazer may be a modern vehicle, but the name stands for the fearless souls who marched into the unknown to make a path for themselves and those who came after them.

Trailblazers didn’t need GPS or smartphones; they followed the wind and knew the meaning of true freedom. Many hundreds of years passed, and people had almost forgotten their trailblazer instincts, except for those car enthusiasts who knew how to navigate by the sun and the stars, and by paper maps picked up along the way at vintage gas stations that had the best coffee and homemade pie.


Classic cars are not just about the daring vehicles pioneered decades ago: their bold lines, raw power, and enduring construction. They were about fun and power, enjoying the ride and shaking up the status quo. They were about the driver, the car, the road, the sounds and smells, with no unnecessary distractions.
Pure bliss! That’s the reason they are still worshiped.

Fast-forward to current times. There are the modern car drivers who are too wrapped up on the destination, and fail to see the beauty of the journey. You can’t blame them.

More and more vehicles are taking away the need to hone map reading and navigation skills with special features like back-up camera assist, parking assist, collision avoidance technology, TomTom, and even self-driving vehicles. Such sophisticated cars are great, but in a world where everything seems to have already been explored, we have lost our appreciation for those trailblazers of years gone by.

Mercedes Benz Concept

Imagine a world where no one remembers how to drive on their own; where machines hold the ultimate judgment on how to drive and the best way to avoid accidents.

Now that’s pretty drab! Sadly though, the more vehicles become equipped like this, the fewer people will develop the necessary skills to manage vehicles. Remember while your iPhone or TomTom or whatever else you use for getting around is fantastic, a paper map will help you out when you are without signal on your fancy gadget.

With the recent reboot of some classic car designs, perhaps people will once again find the freedom to live and relish the journeys they take.

Here’s to rediscovering that true pioneering spirit!

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